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:: 05.06.10 ::

...I was half thinking to myself that this might be too good to be true and that the buggy might still tip up. However, we tested them recently on a family day out at the farm and I can confirm that the buggy stayed upright!...

Jessica Fenton

Naturally Mummy

Just wanted to say thank you so much, the bags are amazing. Having spent a whole day picking the pushchair up off the floor on a visit to the zoo every time my daughter wanted to get out, these were much needed. I wish I had found them months ago. I love all the reflective strips too. I ordered Thursday morning and they turned up the next day! Excellent.

Many thanks, Michele

"A great Invention"
If like me you are forever putting your shopping over the handles of your pushchair, the Hamster Buggy bags are definitely the product for you.
The bags are easily fitted to either side of the frame, look stylish and neat(we have the blue/grey pair) and even when filled with shopping balance the load stopping the pushchair from falling backwards once your little one is removed.  Read more

Claire, mum of 2, review on

I'm just back from a holiday to Greece and these bags were absolutely fantastic, we were really pleased with them and wouldn't be without a set now. Everything we needed for trips to the beach/pool fit in them, no need to worry about over-loading the pushchair and risk it tipping up. Just brilliant! We used ours on a Maclaren Quest. Jo W.

"amazing item"
Went to town today with the hamster bags attached to side of buggy wow they fit great and are so light. so much room in them for lots of shopping and you dont have to worry about putting carrier bags on the handles lots of pockets so you can even put babys bottle and nappies in.Didnt bang in to things in shops either which is an added bonus, i would definately recommend buying these bags... Read more

Maxine, mum of three, review on

What amazed me is how much they hold - they must use the same technology as Dr Who's Tardis ! When I looked at the small, really light pouches holding the stored away Hamster bags, I was dubious about how much they would hold. Well, I managed to totally empty my huge changing bag and the string bag into the Hamster bags and they're not even half full. I have three kids so I've stashed away sunhats for all three, total change of clothing plus coat for baby, nappies, big pack of wipes, bottle of water, sun cream, nappy cream, sunglasses, snacks for all three, my keys and phone, three small baby toys, dummy, folded up changing mat, a book, a small ball, a skipping rope ... Read more

Cheryl, Madhouse Family Reviews!

i absolutely love my hamster bags it is top on the lists of useful things to buy im recommending them to every one i know no more tipping the buggy or wacking my shins on the bags i load on there !!!!!!

Melanie, Eastleigh, Hampshire

Just swapped over to my double buggy - Graco Stadium Duo. The bags fit on fantastically so so pleased. A godsend for fitting in all the baby equipment I will be carrying for two 9month old babies!!! Will be ordering more bags soon, as fit on my out and about Nipper too!!!!!

Vicky, Manchester

I’m one of those people who always goes to the shop for a lettuce, and comes back with three bags of groceries. Then I spend the entire walk home trying to maneouvre the pushchair, and stop it flying backwards from the weight of the shopping bags I’ve hung off the handles.  Read more...

  Review by Jacqui Paterson

Like many parents I have suffered the embarrassment of my buggy tipping over in public. Since using the Hamster I can happily load shopping, packed lunches, nappy paraphernalia without any accidents happening. The only thing is, with increased storage capacity, I'm spending more at the shops!

Vanessa, London

I've been using the Hamster for about a month and wonder how I did without them. Not only can I fit masses of shopping and toddler related stuff into them but they also look surprisingly compact and stylish even when full. I can't believe it has taken so long for someone to produce these!

Sarah, Brighton

My buggy is always so loaded up for days out that it never fails to tip up on the train. The result is me, hot harassed and feeling like an incompetent mother. Happy to say that since using the Hamster my buggy stays upright and I stay in control.

Karen, London

These panniers are an essential bit of parent kit. They are well-made, have a big capacity, look good and stop the frequent tipping over when loaded with shopping. An added bonus is they work much better with a buggy board than having a bag draped over the bars.

Sue, Bristol

Thanks for producing these. Last week I had to fold my buggy on a busy bus. With a load of shopping I wouldn't have managed it without the Hamster. They fit very snugly to the sides of my McLaren and it hasn't fallen over once since I've been using them.

  Juliette, London

Bizzie Baby Gold Award reviewer - click for the other reviews

Carol Awarded the Hamster Bags 5/5

These are a neat size when folded down, useful pannier bags to go either side of pushchair, clear instructions and smart packaging too. Very easy to install. Fitted my Mamas & Papas Pliko Pramette as well as my Mothercare Pick & Mix lightweight stroller. Easy to remove- I’ve tended to take the bags off after each shopping trip to empty them (although they can be left on) then carry them folded then reattach when I’ve bought things. Huge difference! Pushchair is a lot more balanced when pushing than hanging bags off the handles, and can still access basket underneath for shopping. Their capacity is amazing, they are definitely ‘deceptively spacious’- I could fit a box of Bran Flakes in one and still pack loads of other things round it! Hard-wearing fabric, good packaging, no signs of wear and tear at all despite being fully loaded with heavy items each shopping trip. Didn’t realise I needed these until I got them, but makes life so much easier- best part is that they fold up so small while not in use, ideal for those trips on foot to a local shop when you’re not planning to buy more than bread and milk but end up spending £30 on special offers, as you can at last carry it home without straining yourself or your pushchair! Fantastic product, so many times when it is useful to have extra space to carry things easily- extra shopping, changing bag stuff, hats/gloves etc- better than usual pushchair storage but and if you have tons of stuff works in addition to usual pushchair storage basket & hanging bags off handles if needed! Carol Bright - Charlotte 18 Months