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Will the Hamster buggy bags fit my buggy?

We currently have two versions of the Hamster buggy bags.  The all black, black/grey and black/red bags fit all buggies with many buggies including all Maclaren buggies, Silver Cross Pop, Quinny Zapp Extra, Bugaboo Bee, Baby Jogger City Mini, Phil & Teds etc Please click here for a list of buggies.

The green and the blue bags fit lightweight buggies such as Maclaren and Silver Cross Pop.  Generally, all umbrella folding lightweight buggies with a front frame with diameter of 2cm.  For a guidance list, please have a look at our buggy check page.

Will the Hamster buggy bags make my buggy wider?

Yes, of course they will make your buggy a little wider.  However, standard doors and public transport shouldn’t be a problem.  Let’s say, we haven’t had any customers mention this as an issue in their feedback.  

How much stuff can the Hamster buggy bags fit?

The bags are quite roomy, each bag is roughly the size of a full plastic bag.  This video gives a rough idea of their volume.  The maximum recommended weight for each bag is 5kg.

Will my buggy fold with the Hamster buggy bags attached to my buggy?

Yes but the clip at the top MUST be unclipped to prevent it from breaking when the buggy is being unfolded.  On Maclaren type buggies this top clip goes over moving parts of the frame which, when suddenly opened, may damage the top clip.

Where can I purchase the Hamster buggy bags?

You can purchase the bags right here or online at, or  A number of independent nursery retailers also stock the bags.

If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us!

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